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Hi, Ted Casey here, wanting to thank you for the excellent job you did installing BUILDING! a multi angle plow on my Honda snowblower (formerly). Special thanks to Jeff and Seth for making it happen.


   Happy holidays to you all.

Ted Casey

From: Ted Casey on 12/20/2017

Many thanks for making and installing my new handrail. For the first time in 20+ years I am now using my front door! It's perfect-

From: Janet Pynchon on 01-25-2017

To Whom It May Concern Once again I want to thank the heroes at Amherst Welding. These folks are super stars at helping people. They really are! I have known them for almost 40 years. They have helped me get through some really challenging situations. We are so fortunate to have these guys!!! Sincerely, Peter Brown Box -A-Rocks- Industries Belchertown, MA 01007

From: Peter Brown/ Box-A-rocks -Industries on 4/20/2015

Hi Mr. Brown, Hope that all is well at your business. I just wanted to thank you and your staff, Jeff in particular, for the fantastic work that they have produced for me. Over the past 6 weeks or so, I have given them a couple of small projects; one of which is a baseball tool, another is a super bowl-styled ring. Jeff is also a very knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and professional employee in particular. Thank you and your staff again. Sheridon

From: Sheridon Moodley on 03/31/2015

In all my 52 years I have never met a more down to earth, customer caring, relaxed, (okay not always so relaxed), gathering of synergistically integrated minds, with the right industry needed, (but often lacking) paradigm shift - toward a Win-Win customer/company philosophy.  

Your "how can we help you" attitude is sincere, and taken on as a challenge, not a dread - and your McGiver fabrication talents makes for solving the most difficult real life scenarios - with real honest solutions found no where else on this planet - earning the name "A Team".  Your fabrication skills are EVEN bigger and better than my fabrication skills as a child - the "one(s)-that-got- away-fishing-stories" I told as a youngster growing up on Onata Lake in the Berkshires.

Wish I could afford to work for you guys - but with your pricing so fair in this market, I can't imagine how you could make a profit unless you paid me peanuts - (ah, the memories of those days working for Barnum & Bailey).  

My BEST Holiday wishes to you all, (you too Pam, not just the boys), and looking forward to when I can be in your presence again.  


Samuel R. Dean JR
Divisions: Trees R Us; Plowings R Us; Computers R Us.
Greenfield, MA 01301
(413) 695-9952p on Onota Lake in the Berkshires.  

From: Samuel R. Dean Jr on 12/3/2014

I asked you to turn my ski chair lift into an outdoor swing and instead, you turned it into beautiful, functional yard-art.  Thanks so much for the wonderful job.  Other welders I contacted prior wanted nothing to do with it.

From: John Dunphy on September 18, 2014

Wonderful job!! Thanks so much.... I wish we had more brass beds to give you to fix.

From: Carolyn and Richard Bentley on 8-7-2014

The following letter was sent to Amherst Welding several years ago and we felt it should be here for our customers to enjoy.

To Whom it Might Concern:

It has been my distinct pleasure to have known Jeff Weeks for almost twenty years.  Unlike the fickle despicable dirty and dangerous machinery that Jeff knows so much about...Mr. Weeks gets better with age.

A veritable World Book Encyclopedia of everything you never wanted to know about stuff that can break.

Jeff's hopeful and enthusiastic persona is a soothing balm to anyone who has asked "what the heck should I do now!!!"

Amherst Welding is an invaluable resource for the Pioneer Valley.  Over the years Mr. Weeks has managed to attract a crew of assistants that know more than he does!  A true sign of leadership and grand design.  They have gotten me out of more jams than Smuckers has jelly.

From: Peter Brown CEO Lone Wolf Logging on